The most advanced and challenging software for customer acquisition, retention & IP protection.

Junction®, by BiT256™ is a technology ecosystem that makes the Consumer-Brand relationships easier and priceless.


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Protect & Defend

Junction® aim to protect your brand from IP infringement and protect your customer avoiding him to purchase fake stuff.

Marketing and Customer Expercience

Junction® aim to provide an incredible set of tools to develop your Marketing 4.0 activities and enhance your customer experience.

Business and Process

Junction® aim to control your distribution chain, subcontractors, distributors and so on.

Intuitive dashboard visually rich experience
Flexible customization application​
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Easiest way to control resources
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Junction® dashboard
Advanced set of tools for your software
Brand Defense & Consumer Protection

Junction® allows to distinguish effectively the original products from the counterfeit ones even before the purchasing. It makes unviable the counterfeiters' investments and it provides consumers all the information they need for informed purchase.

Alert Service

Junction® is designed to send alert messages in case of a withdrawal of goods with production defects. The message is displayed for all the related products, whether they are still for sale or already sold.

White list

Each JCode™ bound to a product enables, on the single item, two different channels of communication. One public and the other, private. The latter enables authorized people to add info and get info from/to the product for business purpose only (eg. communications for the custom service, the reseller can add info about returned goods ...).

Junction® - Metadatas
Smart Multilingualism

The same product talks in different way and languages. Different culture as well different Countries need different info. Junction® detects the mobile language and you provide the right info for that language.

Track & Trace

With Junction®, you can easily keep track of your items' production chain. If you want, you can make public this information to your consumers, just with a click! More and more Countries, for food and beverage, oblige manufacturers to publish this data. We are ready!

Smart Label

If you send your goods overseas, use the smart label feature to provide different info matching the different Countries laws about labelling. Provide info such as organic certification, religious compliancy and what the law of that Country requires. The same item, in 2 separate location in the world, talks different languages and gives different info!


Mobile Experience