The most advanced and challenging system for customer acquisition, retention & IP protection.

Junction®, by BiT256™ is a technology ecosystem that makes the Consumer-Brand relationships easier and priceless.

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We provide a complete ecosystem (mobile platform, SaaS platform, smartphone App for a social crowd system checker…) making the Consumer-Brand relationships easier and priceless.

So we explored, invented, collated all the stuff needed to create the most advanced and challenging ecosystem for customer acquisition, retention & IP protection, as well as customer protection.

The system is so powerful that allows the Brand to earn on a product even after it has been sold and it will continue to provide services to the consumer even after it has been used.

Don’t move products. Enrich lives.

Steve Jobs

Junction® has been developed with the aim to provide a lot of tools to the companies such as (but not only) Brands, Marketing Agencies, Packaging, to better serve their customers and overcome the competition. We grouped Junction®'s features to offer the Platform in three flavors:

  • Protect & Defend to protect your brand from IP infringement and protect your customer avoiding him to purchase fake stuff;
  • Marketing & Customer Experience to provide an incredible set of tools to develop your Marketing 4.0 activities and enhance your customer experience;
  • Business & Process to control your distribution chain, subcontractors, distributors and so on.

Short code name Junction® P&D

Junction® Protect & Defend

In this flavor Junction® is designed mainly to defend the brand and protect the consumer. By binding a unique communication code with a single item, Junction® establishes a link between the manufacturer and the consumer. The benefits for both go beyond imagination! Some features are:

Brand Defense & Consumer Protection

Junction® allows to distinguish effectively the original products from the counterfeit ones even before the purchasing; It makes unviable the counterfeiters' investments and it provides consumers all the information they need for informed purchase;

Cross your Boundaries!

Junction® is a multilingual SaaS platform. Brand, you can use the Junction® ecosystem Worldwide. It allows you to protect your products in foreign markets against counterfeiting increasing your brand awareness. Take care and talk with your customers beyond the boundaries!

Alert Service

Designed to send alert messages in case of a withdrawal of goods with production defects or to make stolen goods unmarketable. The message is displayed for all the related products, whether they are still for sale or already sold

Short code name Junction® M&CE

Junction® Marketing & Customer Experience

Junction® has a two-way communication channel on which Brands can put and provide services and info exchange with their consumers, up to enable mechanisms of co-creation, improving the success rate of new product development. The System enables products to give customers a fully and complete user experience. Some Junction® M&CE features:

  • Augments customer retention
  • Turns each item into an advanced Touch Point
  • Tracks who when and where someone interacted with your product
  • Enables the every-where commerce

Smart Multilingualism

The same product talks in different way and languages. Different culture as well different Countries need different info. Junction® detects the mobile language and you provide the right info for that language.

Emotional Purchase

The sommelier suggests a wine and you like it? Your friend has a belt or a bag that you like? Don't lose the bargain, transform every product in a touch point. Junction® let your customer to point, tap and buy the product just when it thrilled him!

Junction® is the Key!

Once that you are in touch with the consumer by means the product, you can offer a lot of services like extension of warranty, discounts, one touch customer care...

Short code name Junction® B&P

Junction® Business & Process

Junction® is so powerful that you can use it in your B2B affairs. You can control the distribution chain, you can be sure that the goods you send to your store will not be changed during the transportation with fakes ones, no more possibility for a contractor inject "original fakes" in a parallel market. Some features:

Track & Trace

With this feature, you can easily keep track of your items' production chain. If you want, you can make public this information to your consumers, just with a click! More and more Countries, for food and beverage, oblige manufacturers to publish this data. We are ready!

White List

Each JCode™ bound to a product enables, on the single item, two different channels of communication. One public and the other, private. The latter enables authorized people to add info and get info from/to the product for business purpose only (eg. communications for the custom service, the reseller can add info about returned goods ...).

Smart Label

If you send your goods overseas, use the ``smart label`` feature to provide different info matching the different Countries laws about labelling. Provide info such as organic certification, religious compliancy and what the law of that Country requires. The same item, in 2 separate location in the world, talks different languages and gives different info! Amazing!!!

Enterprise Edition

If want exploit Junction® at its best, Enterprise Edition includes all Junction® souls in one solution! Free your Customers power!

By blending IoT concepts, BigData technologies, applying marketing 4.0 recommendations, BiT256™ is proud to provide you a great solution!

Producers, Marketing Agencies, Packaging Industries, do you see the maps? One of our feature is to track who interacts with your product, when and where. Now you can create millions touch points, driving the Customer Journey.

Junction® enables a bidirectional communication channel between producers and consumers, creating added values for both. Your products will be able to talk acting as you, in any language you want!

Increase your earning by binding services to your product!


Let your product speak

Make your Spell

Junction®'s Web Platform provides brands of  how many communication codes they need. These codes, all different each other, are called JCode™.

By linking each single item with one communication code, the item becomes an advanced touch point.

Now the Brand can build a multilingual communication and bind services to products.

Empower your Brand-Consumer relationship

By means the goLive platform the brands, in few clicks, turn millions of items into effective millions touch point, changing dramatically the customer journey as well the relationship with their customer.

From now on, the product is alive and starts to record each interaction made through the JCode™, offering features like Track & Trace, Everywhere Commerce, Anti-Counterfeiting, Giving & Collecting info, Provide services.

Make your business stronger!

How consumers can recognize high quality hemp oil coming from Italian crops?
Federcanapa, the Italian association of farmers and hemp transformers, has adopted Junction® to protect the producers of hemp oil made by seeds grown on the national territory. Infact they need to overcome the competition against oil hemp producers made by raw materials of dubious origin. The answer is provide a high quality product able to communicate its origin directly to the comsumers by means the Junction® technology.

Fabio Guglietta


Nicoletta Bianchi

COO & Developer

Marco Tribuzio

Chief Software Development Officer

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